Creel Rack

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8, 12, 24
position units are available with or without Automatic Package Lift System. The advantage of the automatic package lift system is in production. With conventional winders when yarn breakage occurs, or when the yarn package reaches the  desired size, all positions will stop until the problem is corrected or the position is doffed. With automatic doff the package will automatically rise, leaving the other positions running. This is accomplished by using limit switches and air cylinders on each individual winder.  Depending on each individual need for winding, either system is durable, dependable and economically operated on any winding system.

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PTI 12000
Air Entangler/Winder

PTI High Speed Air Entangler/Winder can air entangler or wind at 1200 yards/minute.  Designed for deniers from 1000 to 6000.

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Control Panel

New Dust-Free Electrical Enclousre

Close-up of Air Box, Pull Rollers & Cam

View of Traversing Cam

PTI  36000 Rewinder - 36 heads

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Spare Parts

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