No matter the size of the project,, Pritchett Technology, Inc., is the one place one can depend on a finished product as close to perfection as can be attained.  Whether it is producing machined parts, their patented line of carpet machines or building the tool that enabled the retrieval of our spy plane from China, Pritchett Technology gets the job done correctly and efficiently.  Pritchett Technology can handle any or all the steps from designing to the completed product.  Give us a call or email for more information on our products or obtaining our services. 

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Pritchett Technology plays important role in spy plane recovery.
The EP3EAIIRP-1 tool was featured in the July 9, 2001 issue of Newsweek.  For more information and pictures on Pritchett Technology's part in the recovery of the EP-3E from China, visit our portfolio page.


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